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Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

Industrial collaborators

DePuy Technology Partnership

This parternship was established in 2000 in collaboration with DePuy International, the University of Southampton and the University of Hamburg. The aim of the parternship is to undertake fundamantal, applied and industrial research into joint replacements.

The partnership has already led to collaborative research that has supported the development and marketing of a knee design that decouples complex motions into linear sliding-reducing wear and extending the life span. Additionally, it has undertaken lubrication and wear analysis of larger diameter bearings in hip replacements, which has resulted in highly successful surface replacement hips.

Centre for Industrial Collaboration in Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials (BITE CIC)

Established to manage collaboration between industry, universities and expert clinicians, BITECIC Ltd (Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Centre of Industrial Collaboration) has dedicated project-management staff with access to state-of-the-art facilities to support medical devices companies take new concepts through to market in areas such as orthopaedics, wound-care, urology, cardiac and vascular, dental and head and neck surgery. By managing industry-based projects in partnership with Universities, BITECIC Ltd provides the highly flexible and expert research and development resources that are essential for the successful development of clinically effective medical devices.

Tissue Regenix

Founded in May 2006, Tissue Regenix Ltd will produce acellular tissue matrices using novel technologies developed in the world-leading Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.

Other Industrial Partners

We also collaborate with Impliant, IonBond, Corin, AO/Statec, JRI, Firth Rixson Superalloys, Smith & Nephew, Owlmed, Stryker, Ceramtec and Zimmer.