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Institute of Medical and Biological Engineering

Tissue re-engineering

Tissue re-engineering

Supported by our intellectual property portfolio on immunocompatible biomimetic natural scaffolds, and led by Professor Eileen Ingham in the Faculty of Biological Sciences, in collaboration with NHS Blood & Transplant Tissue Services and Tissue Regenix, we are researching and developing functional soft tissue solutions for life critical applications.

Biomimetic natural scaffolds which retain the essential biological and biomechanical attributes of the natural tissue offer great potential for the re-engineering and regeneration of cardiovascular and orthopaedic tissues in which restoration of physical function is critical immediately upon implantation. Our biomimetic natural acellular scaffolds can be implanted directly and regenerated by the recipients own endogenous stem cells, or can be regenerated with differentiated or stem cells in vitro in bespoke physically interactive bioreactors.

We aim to become one of the globally leading research centres for functional engineering of soft tissues for orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications.