I AM RESEARCH” was held at the Leeds Biomedical Research Centre (LBRC) on Thursday 17th May and was attended by a team of staff and students from the Institute of Medical & Biological Engineering.

In addition to two large banners outlining our joint replacement and decellularised tissue work, we took Charlie (the skeleton), who travelled safely belted into the front seat of a taxi…much to the amusement of the driver who couldn’t resist the opportunity for a selfie, “What’s in the Box”, and the large spine.

There was lots of interaction with members of the public, hospital staff and other stall holders, who were all genuinely interested in the work that we do at iMBE and there were lots of discussions based around the exhibits on our stall.

Following the event, Gwyn Cracknell, Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Manager for LBRC said that 59 members of the public took part and that excellent feedback about the event and all the workshops and stalls had been received.