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iMBE Researchers join the UKRI ECR Forum


iMBE post-doctoral researchers Rosti Readioff and James Warren from our EPSRC programme grant in optimising knee therapies have been selected to join the UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) newly created Early Career Researcher forum (ECR forum).

James said "The reason I applied to join the ECR Forum was to gain a broader insight into the general ECR landscape, across multiple different areas. I also wanted to be involved, where possible, in helping shape that landscape through discussions about this current landscape in the current academic/social climate. I myself have worked across different faculties at the University of Leeds, where the attitude towards ECRs differs greatly at times between these. So the opportunity to see how other institutes, research councils and the UKRI in general perceive and interact with ECRs would be very useful and informative."

Rosti said "The event and networking with other ECRs gave me opportunities to validate my thoughts and worries as an early career researcher. Through this event I was able to voice my opinions to the relevant funding bodies on some of the ECR's main issues including job parity and the heterogeneous nature of ECR groups...

This induction week is only the start of getting involved with the UKRI and its concordat and I am planning to continue contributing to the forum.


UKRI has launched its ECR forum following the publication of its action plan for the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers. The action plan commits UKRI to give greater representation to early career researchers. The forum aims to give researchers a voice in UKRI’s strategy, policy development and decision making, connect the diverse communities within UKRI and build a community to benefit from peer interactions, learning and support opportunities.  It will provide Rosti and James with a great platform to connect with other researchers in similar research area and will support their own career development.

Further information can be found at:

UKRI Supporting Skills and Talent

Rosti Readioff's webpage at the University of Leeds

James Warren's  webpage at the University of Leeds