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Researchers attend the ORS2022

Staff and students are participating in the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society which takes place between 4-7 February in Tampa, Florida USA.

Please find below the list of posters and podiums. Click on the links to access the relevant pdfs and videos.


Poster 0365 Semi-quantitative assessment of retrieved dual mobility liners for total hip replacement; Mackenzie Brown, Ruth Wilcox, Graham Isaac, James Anderson, Tim Board, Douglas W. Van Citters, Sophie Williams



Poster 0524 Effects of bone marrow lesions on bone properties and contact mechanics in the knee; Oluwasegun Kayode, Gavin Day, Nagitha Wijayathunga, Philip Conaghan, Marlène Mengoni1, Ruth Wilcox.   Click here for the presentation video link



Poster 0570 Characterising the frictional properties of haemarthritic articular cartilage; Megan Sharrock, Hazel Fermor, Anthony Redmond, Claire Brockett



Poster 0744 The reduction of ankle range of motion in hemophilic joint disease: Limitation, or adaptation? Harriet Talbott, Richard Wilkins,  Anthony Redmond, Claire Brockett, Marlène Mengoni.  Click here for the presentation video link



Poster 0796 In vitro methodology for simulation of natural hip joint biomechanics; David Jimenez-Cruz, Tim Board, Taiyibah Afzal, Mudit Dubey, Sophie Williams



Poster 0867 Development Of a bespoke tracking system for dual mobility hip implant liner orientation; Matthew Shuttleworth, Oliver Vickers, Graham Isaac, Tim Board, Peter Culmer, Sophie Williams, Robert Kay.  Click here for the presentation video link



Poster 0869 Third body wear of an all-polymer total knee replacement; Raelene Cowie, Jens Schwiesau, Adam Briscoe, Louise Jennings



Poster 0881 Impingement risk in total hip replacement: effect of patient activity differences on recommended cup position; Simon Williams, Alison Jones, Ruth Wilcox1, Graham Isaac, Alison Traynor, Tim Board, Sophie Williams



Poster 0969 Mechanical testing and development of novel hydrogel system for intervertebral disc augmentation; Andrew Dixon, James Warren, Marlène Mengoni, Ruth Wilcox.  Click here for the presentation video link



Poster 2232 Development of a non-contact real-time method of tracking position and orientation of total hip replacement components; Oliver Vickers, Matthew Shuttleworth, Graham Isaac, Tim Board, Peter Culmer, Robert Kay, Sophie Williams