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Researchers attend the ORS2023

Staff and students are participating in the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Orthopaedic Research Society which takes place between 10-14 February in Dallas, Texas USA.

Please find below the list of posters and podiums. Click on the links to access the relevant pdfs.

Poster # 0402 An In Vitro Simulation Model to Assess the Tribology of Decellularised Osteochondral Grafts In a Human Patellofemoral Joint. Raelene Cowie, Philip Straw, Hazel Fermor, Louise Jennings



Poster # 0403 The Mechanical and Tribological Performance of Decellularised Porcine Osteochondral Allografts in an In Vitro Porcine Tibiofemoral Joint Model. Philip Straw, Raelene Cowie, Hazel Fermor, Louise Jennings



Poster # 0747 Sliding Distance during Cam-type Femoroacetabular Impingement: Quantification from In Vivo Data and Assessment if In Vitro Effect. Taiyibah Afzal, Alison Jones, Sophie Williams



Poster # 0996 Development of a Pre-clinical Experimental Model to Measure Medial Meniscus Position during a Simulated Gait Cycle of the Human Knee Joint. Genevieve Pounds, Aiqin Liu, Alison Jones, Louise Jennings



Poster # 1413 Influence of Graft Location on Primary Stability of Osteochondral Grafts Implanted into Cadaveric Human Knee Joint. Blake McCall, Raelene Cowie, Louise Jennings



Poster # 2042 A Natural Human Tibiofemoral Joint Model to Investigate the Wear of Decellularised Osteochondral Grafts. Blake McCall, Raelene Cowie, Hazel Fermor, Louise Jennings



Poster # 2227 Experimental Anatomical Hip Simulator Assessment of Hip Hemi-arthroplasty. Roberto Leonardo Diaz, David Jimenez-Cruz, Sophie Williams



Poster # 2230 Experimental Characterization and Finite Element Modelling of Total Hip Replacement Liners under Edge Loading. Nicholas Cooper, Lee Etchels, Oscar O'Dwyer Lancaster-Jones, Sophie Williams, Ruth Wilcox