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iMBE Researchers show off their research


iMBE researchers are attending a variety of conferences to present their results during August and September 2022.

Look out for our researchers and their talks and posters listed below.

ISTA Hawaii (see proceedings) August 31 – September 3, 2022:

Rae Cowie - Assessing the Wear and Kinematics of Two Medial Ball-and-Socket Total Knee Replacements, MRK and SAIPH

Rae Cowie - Third Body Wear of an All-Polymer Knee

Lee Etchels - Assessment of Cup Orientation During Gait: Implications for Preclinical Hip Replacement Testing

Louise Jennings - Invited Talk: Influence of Positioning on the Biomechanics of Metal-on-Polyethylene Hip Replacements

David Jimenez-Cruz - Experimental Methodology to Evaluate Degradation on Human Cadaveric Hip Joints Subjected to Normal Loading Conditions on an Anatomical Hip Simulator

Bethany Lowe - Development of a Computational Model to Predict Kinematics, Contact Mechanics and Wear of a Total Knee Replacement

Matthew Shuttlworth - Miniaturised Instrumentation for the Detection of Impingement Events in Total Hip Replacements

Oliver Vickers - A Non-Contact Method for Measuring Separation During Subluxation Events in Total Hip Replacements

ESB2022, the 32nd Annual Conference of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB), Bordeaux September 4-8:

Ahranee Canden - A New Sequentially Functionalised Collagen I Based Visible Light Crosslinked Hydrogel for Chondrocyte Encapsulation

Matthew Culbert - Self-assembling peptide hydrogels for nucleus augmentation of the intervertebral disc

Hazel Fermor - Decellularisation of whole human condyles for osteochondral repair

James Warren - Self-assembling peptide gels for articular patella cartilage repair

BioMedEng22 London September 8-9 :

Izat Fatima - In-vitro real-time fatigue assessment of cellular porcine pulmonary valve roots: a feasibility study

ICORS Edinburgh September 7-9:

Tayibah Afzal - Quantifying sliding distance during cam-type hip impingement for a set of activities

Nicholas Cooper - Experimental and computational modelling assessment of edge loaded total hip replacement polyethylene liners

Gavin Day - Modelling osteochondral graft behaviour in tibiofemoral joints

Lee Etchels - Sensitivity of liner rim plastic deformation to edge loading hip simulator dynamics

Blake McCall - Influence of dilation on the stability of osteochondral autografts implanted in cadaveric human femurs

Mackenzie Smeeton - Retrieval analysis of dual mobility polyethylene liners for total hip replacement