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As an Institute, we are committed to advancing diversity and inclusivity. Our diverse student and staff population reflects nearly three decades of sector-leading efforts in creating a multidisciplinary professional working environment, attractive to and supportive of gender and ethnic diversity through all levels of experience. We encourage an environment of collaboration, trust, and wellbeing, which values difference of ideas and embraces diversity.

NameEmailTelephoneJob titleLocation
Ruth (0)113 3437980Director of the Institute of Medical & Biological Engineering; • Professor of Biomedical EngineeringX202 Medical & Biological Engineering Building
Helen (0)113 3435617University Academic FellowGarstang 6.59
Gavin (0)113 34 39402Lecturer in Medical EngineeringX305 Medical & Biological Engineering
Jennifer Edwards (0)113 34 35651University Academic Fellow in Musculoskeletal Medical Technologies Garstang 6.56a
Hazel (0)113 3435651Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine6.57 Garstang Building
John Professor
Anthony (0)113 343 37371LecturerX201 Medical & Biological Engineering
Eileen (0)113 3435691Emeritus Professor6.55a Garstang Building
Graham (0)113 34 39401Professor of Medical EngineeringX301 Medical & Biological Engineering
Louise (0)113 3432100Professor of Medical EngineeringX203 Medical & Biological Engineering
Alison (0)113 3432099Associate Professor in Computational Biomechanics X306 Medical & Biological Engineering
Marlène (0)113 3435011Associate Professor in Computational Medical EngineeringX104a Medical & Biological Engineering
Todd (0)113 343 2133Professor of Mechanical and Medical Engineering242 Mechanical Engineering
Zeike (0113) 34 32705 Associate Professor6.06a E C Stoner
Peter in Medical EngineeringX104 Medical & Biological Engineering
Sophie (0)113 3432214Professor of Medical EngineeringX307 Medical & Biological Engineering