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Is it possible to have follow on funding for a project e.g. someone applies for and successfully completes PoF project. Can they then subsequently apply for the PoC funding?

Yes, it is often the case that research will traverse through these funding pots as they progress in technology and commercial readiness levels, and we encourage this approach.

Do all projects have to be completed by the end of the PBIAA funding?

The specific project that is funded during the PBIAA needs to be completed within the funding window, however, it is expected that the research will continue to develop through the translation pathway post PBIAA.

Will the PBIAA provide access to commercialisation / IP info and guidance, if this is one of the requirements for projects?

The PBIAA does not fund IP protection but you can request funds for IP reviews as part of a Due Diligence project. All partner Universities have experienced IP and commercialisation teams that can ensure relevant IP is appropriately protected and explored, and you are strongly encouraged to engage with your university team at an early stage in the process.